Tools & Equipment

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P/NClick the Titles to Learn MorePrice
BAC014Intro to HEV, PHEV And EV’s (90 Pages Color)$125
BAC014Intro to HEV, PHEV, And EV’s (Spanish)$125
BACJ14L3 prep guide/2 Hours of Web Training (90 Pages Color)$150
BAC013Color 2013 ACDC HEV/EV Technician Book (350 Pages Color)$250
LAC012Tech Safety Laminated Guide HV Quick Reference Guide$45
BAC031Laminated Towing Guide (6 Pages)$35
BAC513Laminated Warning Signs (Various)$5 each
MBK002Insulation Tester and DVOM Kit$310
MWV001Milli-Ohm Meter and ACDC Instruction Book/Case$650
MAV001Long Grippers (one set is two grippers)$28
MWK001CAT III Long lead set with 4 ends$45
MWK002CAT III Kit, Leads and Ends$42
MWK003CAT III Probe w/ Replacement Needles ( Set of 4)$30
MFZ001Ghost Voltage Eliminator$90
MBK004Fuse Buddy Mini Kit$50
AZJ001A set of CAT III Rated Insulated Tools and CAT III T Handle for HV Battery Work.$225
AZT0013/8ths Drive Insulated T Handle$65
AZT0021/2″ Drive Insulated T Handle$65
MAV002Adjustable Piercing Test Kit$42
MEV013OBD II Break- Out Box$200
MEV015ACDC Designed EVSE Break-Out Box and Training “SEBOB”$750
AXJ001Stabiliant 22 Tube (Enough to make 2 bottles of 22A)$60
AXX002Super Cool Hybrid A/C Oil (7 oz.)$30
MXG002Bus Bars Prius II w/ 8 mm Nut$3 each
JAK001ACDC Charger – High Voltage Battery Charger HBB$1,400
JDZ001ACDC Prius Rescue Charger 200 and 275 Preset Volt$800
AQJ001Caution Tape high Voltage 3″$20
ADC768Safety Face Shield$30
MXG001Orange Cable End Spark Protectors$6
PAM001Orange HV Scuff Tape$12
PAM002Blue HV Scuff Tape$12
ACJ001Uniform Patches Hybrid Tech (3 Levels)$9 each
GAS000HV Glove Kit (With Magnetic Bag) Sizes 8.5-12$150
GAS011HV Glove Kit (With Canvas Bag) Sizes 8.5-12$140
GAU001HV Glove Testing Service for 1 Year (Per Pair)$90
AAC001ACDC Lock Box$35
TAR100Full Year of All Recorded Webinars$1,500
TAR101Full Year of All Recorded Webinars and Plus All Live Webinars$2,000
AAJ001Hybrid Qualified Shop Program (Tech Support / On-Going Training/ Marketing)$365 Yearly
UYVACDC 7 Day Classes (Up Your Voltage)$5,900
EdriveACDC 5 Day Classes (Electric Drive)$4,000
AmpedACDC 3 Day Classes (Amped Up)$3,000
TARRecorded Web Based Training HEV, EV, and Management$55 per Session
TARArmy Man Class about Ohm Law (Online)$150
Hybrid / EV / Management / Service Writing Training Call
Electude/ ACDC HEV-EV Training $250 Enroll ShopCall