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eBook or Printed Copy of the College Electrified Motor Vehicles Book

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This book was 5 years in the making and was released in Summer of 2022. 450 pages, full color, spiral bound and lays flat. This ACDC book is written for Professional Technicians that want a deep dive into HEV-EV- FCEV technology. Written by Craig Van Batenburg, CEO of ACDC, in collaboration and many other technicians. It can also be purchased as an Ebook.

  1. Introduction to EMVs
  2. Safety and the Environment
  3. High Voltage Electrical Systems
  4. Tools and Equipment
  5. Internal Combustion Engines
  6. Batteries
  7. Transmission
  8. Electric Motors
  9. Inverter  Boost  Capacitors
  10. Regenerative Braking
  11. DC-DC Converter
  12. Electric Power Steering
  13. HVAC  Air / Liquid Cooling
  14. Grid Charging
  15. Hybrid
  16. Plug-in Hybrid
  17. Electric Vehicle
  18. Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle
  19. Heavy Duty Hybrids – EV
  20. Motorcycle – Scooter
  21. Preventive Maintenance
  22. Analyzing and Diagnosis
  23. Future Technologies
  24. Women in the Industry
  25. Glossary
What they are Saying About this Book

August 19, 2022

Craig I am on chapter 13 of your EMV Technology College textbook. I just wanted to take a minute and say it is one of the best College level textbooks I have read. The subject matter of the EMV you have covered and explained in the book is easily understood, in depth and comprehensible. I will be recommending this book to anyone that is interested in learning about EMVs.  Thank you.

Mike, the “Disgruntled Mechanic” on YouTube and a student at ACDC.

Mike, Disgruntled Mechanic

Hi Craig,

I have received your book. Vow, this is an outstanding book, sort of bible for e-vehicles experts. You have done a top job, and the book is worth more then what you charge for it !

Thanks……F e r n a n d

Fernand J. Weiland


Fernand , Your Content Goes Here