This ACDC program is not offered anywhere else.

Starting in 2020 ACDC partnered with an American-Dutch Company, Electude, to offer working technicians a chance to fill in any gaps in their automotive technical skills. Electude is a world wide leader in automotive e-learning with customers in over 40 countries. Until recently this level of training was only available at the best colleges in Europe and Asia, until Electude came to the United States. While Craig Van Batenburg was teaching a hybrid class in 2007 in the Netherlands, he was shown the Electude program by a Dutch automotive instructor. Being a second generation Dutch-American and not a Dutch speaker, Craig could not fully grasp its potential.

Now Electude online training lessons have been translated into English and 20 other languages. So instead of sweeping the floor or washing the tow truck on a slow day, you can study at your own pace, in English. Over 600 modules are available in basic automotive, plus a Hybrid / EV training program co-developed by ACDC and Electude. The learning does not require reading books. It is very interactive and real world, a hall mark of what ACDC is about. It starts out basic but gets as deep as you want, when you are ready for more come to ACDC for hands-on. This truly is what shops need today. ACDC feels strongly you will agree.

• Study at your own pace

• Each module will help you remember what you learned in school

• If you were a poor student (or never went to automotive school) this is for you

• No books to read.. nothing to memorize

• This was designed by some forward thinking technicians

• All training is customized for each tech

• An Email gets you started.. use a computer or any large screen Web enabled device

• Phone / computer support included.

• Test as you go and advance when you understand and know the subject

• Once the training is complete, you will be able to review the content for 5 years.

  1. Initial enrollment fee of $100 per shop. Extra locations are $50 each.
  2. Online training fees:
    • $450 for 6 months per technician.
  3. Never pay the initial enrollment fee again unless you drop out and sign back up.
  4. 10% discount for ACDC Qualified Shop Program (QSP) members
  5. Conventional training is for technicians that could use some basic training before learning about hybrid and electric cars. Note: ACDC suggests 6 months minimum of conventional training before moving on to the high voltage training.
  6. Hybrid and Electric car training is suggested for those with an extensive background with conventional cars.
  7. You cannot combine conventional training with high voltage training because they are two separate classes.
  8. No contracts to sign
  9. After 6 months of training you can bring a C level tech up to a B tech, and a B tech to an A tech.
  1. Not transferable to another tech
  2. Must be able to understand your computer
  3. Support is available by real people at ACDC
  4. Techs can sign themselves up. No shop affiliation is needed.
  5. ASE certification is helpful but not required.
  6. Classes are taken in English.
  7. Craig Van Batenburg, the lead trainer at ACDC, will do one-on-one help session, via the internet, whenever you get stuck trying to understand a concept.*

*As time allows.

Q. Why is ACDC offering this?  I thought you were a Hybrid / EV training company.

A. Hybrids have been sold worldwide since 1999. The Toyota Prius has been in Japan since 1997. Many technicians never spent the years it takes to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Automotive Science and Technology, but today’s hybrid and electric cars require that level of education. Many ACDC students (including auto techs) have struggled to keep up. Family time, outside interests and other demands have kept them from finishing an advanced degree. Train on your schedule, 10 minutes at a time if needed, to get the education you need to stay in this ever evolving field.

Q. What if I know little about an iPad or a computer?

A. You need to be reasonable computer skills or this type of training will not work. It is OK to ask for help at work or church, from friends and family if your computer skills are low. We all want you to succeed.

Q. Are you offering hybrid and EV training with Electude?

A.  ACDC has a signed contract with Electude. Craig helped (and still does) to help improve their Hybrid / Plug-in and Electric Car training that they offer. The EV Electude / ACDC training is available now as an additional product.

Q. Will I get a College Degree after these classes?

A.  Not from ACDC or Electude. We value education highly and both ACDC and Electude strongly support higher education. You will receive (if requested) a certificate from ACDC yearly at no fee to you.

Q. How many training modules can I complete in one month? 

A. That really depends on you. A simple module on DVOMs may take only 20 or 30 minutes if you are experienced with meters. Other modules could slow you down and take hours.  Hybrid and EV modules take longer to get through.

Q. Do I select my own classes to study?

A. No. ACDC will send you one class at a time. Craig Van Batenburg and other ACDC staff will be organizing and grouping the 600 plus modules into classes. These will vary from beginner to advanced, but ACDC recommends that most of our students start off with some basic classes.

Q. How does ACDC interact with the students?

A. Via Email mostly. Once you completed a module, ACDC will send you your next assignment.

Q. What parts of the car can I study?

A. Any system that you need to learn more about, including gasoline, diesel, and all of your ASE certification tests. ACDC expects that most of our customers will be studying electricity and electrical systems, plus Hybrid and EVs, but it is up to you.

Cars are not getting any easier to fix

 Education is the Key

Last update 11/19/20

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