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“Safety and Tools. What Makes a Hybrid different from a conventional car? An Overview”

“Server and Maintenance Issues”

“HEV Transmissions / VOLT”

“Regenerative Brakes”

“Motor / Generator Controls , the Inverter”

“Electric Power Steering, DC-DC Converter operations … Ghost Voltage Explained”

“High Voltage Air Conditioning Systems, Heating, Other Cooling Systems”

“Battery Systems High and Low Voltage”

“The basics about Electric Cars”

“Charging off the Grid. Telematics and Phone Apps”

“Battery Packs”

“The Electric Cars. The OEMs”

“The American PHEV/EV-ER “

“EV/PHEV for Sale in North America “

“In-Depth Prius Class Part 1”

“In-Depth Prius Class Part 2”

“In-Depth Prius Class Part 3”

“ACDC Honda Dual Motor”

“ACDC Ford Escape, C-Max and Fusion”

“ACDC GM ..2005-2010.. PHT, 2 Mode and BAS”

“GM ..Volt, Bolt and eAssist”

“Chrysler – Fiat”

“DC Basic Power”

“AC Power and Higher Voltages”

“Computer Systems in Today’s Automobiles”

In 2016 ACDC went back to work to make our electrical classes better than before. This was a live 3 part (3 hour) webinar recorded in the late summer of 2016. This comes with 3 PDF that you can use as workbooks (once you print them) and to take notes.

Army Man I is about DC basic power
Army Man II is about AC power and higher voltages
Army Man III is about computer systems in today’s automobiles

“L3 Webinar Test Prep Part 1”

“L3 Webinar Test Prep Part 2”

ASE has a hybrid certification exam called the L3. ACDC has been at every ASE test writing session and the previous events that ASE sponsored years ago.  ACDC has a 90 page full color Preparation Guide and web based support materials. Craig Van Batenburg (CEO, ASE Master and L1 Certified) took the L3 test the first day it was offered (January 2, 2015) and feels strongly that the ACDC L3 materials will be a huge advantage.  Here is what you get for the low price of only $150 plus $16 for Shipping and Handling).

  • ACDC L3 Prep Book (90 pages, full color)
  • ASE style practice test questions
  • 90 minute recorded webinar done live
  • Email with study links for more study materials
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Confidence to pass the test

L3 testing starts in January of 2015. ACDC is proud to say we had a part in helping ASE get this test out there.

Note: You must have passed  A6 and A8 to take L3.

“Introduction to Tesla Aftermarket Repair and Service” (TAR064)

“Hybrid and EV HVAC Webinar Part 1”

“Hybrid and EV HVAC Webinar Part 2”

This class was done live in April of 2016 over two nights. Many people from all over the world attended and asked some great questions. This is what we covered.  Comes with 2 PDFs to print and take notes.

  1. A/C systems in hybrid cars with belt driven compressors
  2. A/C compressors that are belt and high voltage driven
  3. All electric compressors
  4. High voltage systems in HVAC
  5. Compressor oils
  6. New Equipment
  7. R12, R134a, R1234yf
  8. A/C Inverter Operation
  9. Heating the cabin .. Hybrids
  10. Heating the cabin .. EV
  11. Heat Pumps
  12. Kia Soul EV HVAC
  13. More

“Milli-Ohm Meter Class”

“High Voltage Battery Class”

“ACDC 50 Question Quiz Preparation Class”

Before you take the test, re-read the latest ACDC Hybrid / EV book, watch the on-line training. The 50 question quiz is an open book test and you have 2 hours to complete it. You can review any missed answers at the end .   The 20 question re-up quiz has a one hour limit.  Good luck.

Wear the Patch Proudly

“ACDC Hybrid and EV Service Writer”

“The ON Ramp”

“Employee Relations”

“Selling Service and Preventive Maintenance”

“Math for Owners and Managers”

“Marketing your Shop and You”

“Finding What you Need on the Net Information Access”

“Where will your next Tech come from”

“The Off Ramp”

“Salvage Yard Hybrid and EV Dismantling for the technician Part 1”

“Salvage Yard Hybrid and EV Dismantling for the technician Part 2”

“Salvage Yard Hybrid and EV Dismantling for the technician Part 3”