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“Safety and Tools. What Makes a Hybrid different from a conventional car? An Overview”

“Service and Maintenance Issues”

“Internal Combustion Issues and New Designs”

“ Hybrid Transmissions Technology ”

“ Motor / Generator Controls, the Inverter ”

“ Electric Power Steering, DC-DC Converter operations … Ghost Voltage Explained ”

“ High Voltage Air Conditioning systems, Heating, Other cooling systems”

“ Battery Systems High and Low Voltage”

 “Overview of EVs and EVs with a Range Extender”

“Grid Charging a HV Battery in an EV or PHEV”

“Heating and Cooling all systems in an EV or PHEV”

”Battery Systems in EV and PHEV High Voltage”

“Fuel Cells are here. So are Plug-in FC”

“In-Depth Prius Class Part 1” (TAR218)

“In-Depth Prius Class Part 2” (TAR219)

“In-Depth Prius Class Part 3” (TAR220)

“ACDC Honda Dual Motor”

“ACDC Ford Escape, C-Max and Fusion”

“ACDC GM ..2005-2010.. PHT, 2 Mode and BAS”

“GM ..Volt, Bolt and eAssist”