You get to play with the ACDC Fleet of EV and HEV at “Up Your Voltage!”

Official ACDC Covid Statement

Amped Up Class (By Request Only)


3 Days

Advanced Electronics Evolution Solution


5 Days

Electric Drive Class Teacher’s Only


5 Days

Wicked Smaht Hybrid Cahs Training


5 Days

Up Your Voltage (Technician’s Only)


8 Days

All hands-on training is held at the following location below:

ACDC Training Center

24 Wells St.

Worcester, MA 01604

The costs seen above includes: food, hotel, and the class.

We do not cover transportation to Worcester.

Note: Can be taken on the road. You supply the cars and shop.  Quote will vary based on your location and what you can provide for cars and equipment.

To learn more call the office at 508 826 4546

Or go to the “Contact Us” Page and send us a message.