You get to play with the ACDC Fleet of EV and HEV at “Up Your Voltage!”

Official ACDC Covid Statement

Tesla Class

On the Road


8 Hours

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Tesla Class



3 Days

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Electric Drive

Teacher’s Only


5 Days

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Up Your Voltage HEV

Part 1


5 Days

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Up Your Voltage EVs

Part 2


5 Days

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All hands-on training is held at the following location below:

ACDC Training Center

24 Wells St.

Worcester, MA 01604

The costs above include class materials, ground transportation in Worcester, hotel, some meals, and the class.

We do not cover transportation to Worcester.


Note: Can be taken on the road. You supply the cars and shop.  Quote will vary based on your location and what you can provide for cars and equipment.

Fly into Worcester

We want to make your trip to ACDC as simple as possible, use the Worcester Airport. The Worester Regional Airport (ORH) is served by Jet Blue and Delta and has afforable rates. You will land in Wocester at about 4pm. Your plane may leave about 6pm on the day class is over or the next morning. ACDC will always provide a complimentary night at the LaQuinta Inn if you need to stay another night to make your travel plans make sense.

Fly into Boston

If you are flying internationally, Boston (BOS) may be a better choice. Once you land, you can take the commuter rail to Worcester for less than $15. From the time you land to arriving in Worcester by train, allow 3 to 4 hours. When you fly back home from Boston, if you want to take the rail service, plan on leaving the next day no earlier than noon. We will send you detailed info with pictures and arrows in full color to help you manage public transportation. 

Remember, we do not pronounce the “r” in any word. For example:

Worcester = “Woos-Tah”

Car = “caw”

Wicked = “very”

Townie = local who’s never left their neighbourhood

The Cape = Cape Cod

Packie = liquor store

Bubbler (pronounced bubblah) = water fountain

Grinder (pronounced grin-dah) = sandwich

No Suh = no sir (expression of disbelief)

Smaht = Smart

Triple Dec-ka = a 3-family apartment made of wood

To learn more call the office at 508 826 4546

Or go to the “Contact Us” Page and send us a message.