ACDC Official Covid Statement

How will ACDC keep everyone safe during Covid-19:

As of June 6, 2022

Massachusetts has Covid-19 guidelines. Craig Van Batenburg (the founder and owner of ACDC) owns the ACDC building. It is 4,800 sq. feet. ACDC has a limit of 10 students per class so that we can deliver better training. Before you register, please tell us what status you have. Choose from the following.

  1. You have been vaccinated against Covid-19 and have booster shots. In that case, you are welcome to spend time with the ACDC family.
  2. We will accommodate a religious exemption such as Christian Scientists and Amish sects.
  3. A doctor diagnoses that you have an “immune exemption”.
  4. If you have some other reason than #2 or #3 and have no intention of getting a vaccine, please do not try to explain to us why. We practice science, logic, and reason. Everyone at ACDC has been vaccinated as soon as we could. You can attend a class at ACDC with a negative test within 3 days of entering the ACDC center, wear a mask and report any symptoms to ACDC while you are here. ACDC will notify the other classmates, without using your name, before class. If any ACDC customer has an objection to your status, we reserve the right to reassign you to a later class. No refunds for anyone in category #4 will be made.
  5. To everyone attending, make sure all your travel-related expenses are refundable. In addition, we will supply masks, hand sanitizer, and other safety items as needed. We hope you understand.
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