ACDC Official Covid Statement

How will ACDC keep everyone safe during Covid-19:

Massachusetts has guidelines for training centers. Craig Van Batenburg (the founder and owner of ACDC) owns the ACDC building. It is 1,000 sq. feet with an attached building of 4,000 square feet that will be renovated in 2022 to make more room for ACDC. ACDC is limiting students to 10 per class so that we can deliver better training. If you plan on taking any classes at our facility after September 15, 2021, you must have proof of a Covid vaccination. We will accommodate a religious or immune exemption. Please talk directly to Craig if you need an accommodation.

ACDC reserves the right to reassign you to a later class. Make sure all your travel related expenses are refundable. In addition we will supply masks, hand sanitizer and other safety items as needed. We hope you understand.

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