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Up Your Voltage HEV Part 1

This is a 10 Day class held in Worcester, MA. After teaching hybrid technology in classrooms for years, I kept hearing the same request “I want an extensive hands-on class”. OK! It is here. Up Your Voltage! Classes have been held since June 2006. Everyone is better than the last as ACDC learns more and adds more value.

ACDC started with 3 ACDC HEVs in 2006, a 2000 Honda Insight, a 2003 Civic Hybrid, a 2001 Prius, and a 2004 Toyota Prius. Then a 2005 Ford Escape HEV was added. Next a 2007 Camry HEV, then a 2007 Highlander AWD HEV. A 2010 Prius (3rd gen) found a home and later a Honda Civic 2006 HEV (second gen) and a 2010 Honda Insight II. In 2011, a Chevy Volt and soon after a 2011 Nissan Leaf. Next was a 2013 VW Jetta HEV and a 3-year lease of a Chevy Bolt EV (It was turned back in). Add in a 2019 Kia Niro EV and you have almost every system needed to study EMV technology. In July of 2022, we added Tesla Training with the addition of a Tesla 2020 Model 3 AWD long-range, and a Ford C-Max Hybrid (same driveline as the Fusion HEV) in January of 2023. In July of 2023, a 2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid was purchased. We added this HEV (same as the Kia Optima HEV) as they were having issues and we wanted to know more about them.  As ACDC is gearing up for the 2-wheeled market, a 2020 Zero EV motorcycle was added as well. A 2014 Vectrix EV 40 mph scooter joined the fleet a few years back. That is 19 different makes and models.

All of the ACDC fleet of EVs and PHEVs will be here. Get yourself to Massachusetts and spend up to two weeks studying, driving, testing, scanning, scoping, servicing, and taking these EMVs apart. All I ask is that they run when you leave. ACDC has lots of parts to work with, scan tools, and scopes. The class is based on today’s technology and teaching methods. What you are missing in your training will be answered.

Borrow an ACDC vehicle and see New England (have your spouse fly into Worcester for the weekend. Take the train to Boston and learn the history of our founding Fathers and Mothers. Lots to do here. Everything is a short drive away.

If you are a Graduate of “Up Your Voltage” and are currently working at a shop that services hybrids, you may able to test out and attend week #2 of Up Your Voltage EV” and skip the first week. Call the office and we can explain more.

5-Day HEV at ACDC Week One of a Two Week Class



$5,000.00 with a private room. Call Office to enroll or see if there is a seat available at 508-826-4546 or Email

All classes, drinks, and meals include breakfast at the hotel, all lunches on class days, and once a week a great dinner out with the ACDC staff (some dinners will be on your own and also on the weekend), snacks, 6-night accommodation, transportation to use while you are here, all PowerPoint training materials on a 16 gig jump drive, (bring your laptop), the ACDC 360 page Hybrid, EV Color manual (written by Craig and sells $250.00), EMV College Level Textbook ($350) and our L3 Color Prep Guide ($150), all our recorded web-based training for HEV, EV, and OEM recorded webinars (over 30 hours of web training), use of shop equipment, use of HEV/ PHEV/ EV cars, an ACDC Master Hybrid Qualification (if you pass the written test and pre-qualify), and ACDC hospitality.

Before Class Starts


You can purchase ahead of time a Glove Safety Kit that includes High Voltage Gloves, Leather protectors, and a storage bag. Also ACDC patches, meters, and more.

If you pre-qualify you will receive an “ACDC Master Hybrid Technician” certificate upon completion and testing.

Drive, Fly, Bus, Train, or Motorcycle your way to Worcester, Massachusetts (Boston is 40 miles to the East). Settle down at the provided accommodation and attend a pre-meeting at 8 pm the night before. Try to get to the Hotel at about 6pm the day before. Get a good night’s sleep and get ready for training that is first-rate, fun, and exciting. We will go where few have gone before! You will visit the ACDC office and store while you are here. We have cool and useful stuff.

Day 1 8:30 –5:30 pm.

Day one is all about making sure you are up to speed with electrical systems and modern diagnostic approaches to making sure all things electrical are firmly understood. You will use PICO scopes every day during the class, so we will provide training on that scope. We have 6 scopes to use. Depending on the class make up, we will not start on the hybrid training until everyone is at the same level. We will use all of our test equipment at the beginning of class including: milliohm meters, insulation testers, DVOM, etc. HV Safety is taught, along with CAT III rating and how they apply to leads, and other connector ends.

Day 2 8:30 – 5:30 pm

After all the electrical training is done, we jump right into the Honda HEVs and Honda HV components. High Voltage Honda batteries will be disassembled and reassembled. The FEAR of high voltage will be put to rest. After a catered lunch, we will continue with Honda HEV technology. Many Honda lessons will apply to other makes.

Instructor is Craig Van Batenburg, CMAT, L1, and L3 Certified

Day 3 8:30 to 5:30 pm

Ford HEVs will be studied today. Road testing is done by teams with an ACDC instructor with you. We will study the first generation Escape HEV and the newer tech of the C-Max HEV (same as the second generation Ford Fusion HEV. The eCVT will be taught, along with the tear down of both eCVT. More HV components will be studied and explained. Scan tools will be used every day, along with the PICO scope.

Optional FUN before or after class:

Relax and enjoy ACDC country on your own. Borrow an ACDC Hybrid before or after the class and see the country side. New England is a beautiful place (your only addition cost is more hotel nights and some food)

ACDC needs the cars back before class. This is on a “first come, first serve” basis so call ahead.

Day 4 8:30 to 5:30 pm

Toyota HEV training and more components. We will review carefully what we did as teams over the last three days. More battery training and workshop exercises plus more time using scan tools while driving the hybrid fleet. The ACDC shop will allow you access to lifts, tools, equipment, and scanners, (this is a well-equipped shop) and give you time to carefully remove the HV battery packs, inverters, HV cables, DC-DC converters, and other EMV parts that are not used in ICE vehicles. We will test them as we go. We will have many group lessons. This class is a lot like boot camp, as it is total immersion.

Location:  24 Wells Street, Worcester, Massachusetts  USA

Day 5 8:30 to 5:30 pm

We will finish the Toyota Training and move on to the VW Jetta HEV and the Kia/Hyundai system. VW has a DCT and Turbo. After lunch, any ACDC Hybrid that did not make it into the shop will be examined. The end of class is a group review of the week. A written test at about 2 pm. Al the test questions will be reviewed. Once this class is over, you can sign up for tech support. More about that on the QSP page.

But wait, there is more. Up Your Voltage, EV is part 2. After this class you can stay in Worcester and take part two the next week, or come back later after you have gained more experience on HEVs.

Weekend Off

What happens on the weekend off in Worcester. If you want to return home (assuming you live nearby, you can). The weekend hotel you are in includes the fee, so you can stay there. Borrow an ACDC vehicle and see New England (have your spouse fly into Worcester for the weekend). Take the train to Boston and learn the history of our founding Fathers and Mothers. Lots to do here. Everything is a short drive away. We have 4 loaner cars for the weekend, so make a friend at class as you will be sharing a HEV or EV.

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