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HV Glove Kit Sizes 8.5-12

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How do I buy a good set of gloves?

In North America they will have rolled edges, are Class O rated to 1000 volts. Every time you store your gloves (after every use) put them into a plastic bag and tie up the end of the plastic bag. HV gloves have been known to degrade over time when exposed to polluted air. Then after they are sealed in the plastic bag, put that bag into the storage bag, with the fingers up and keep out of sunlight and secured in a locked cabinet so no one can “borrow” your gloves.  Many hybrids components have sharp edges so make sure you have leather protectors that slides over the HV rubber ones. And not just any leather glove as the leather can be treated with chemicals that will damage the rubber ones. Also, the leather gloves must be shorter than the rubber parts by about two inches (50 mm) as the leather becomes conductive over time as it attracts dirt and oil.

In the USA when you buy a pair of HV Safety Gloves, the regulating body known as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a “gray area” in their rules. You have 6 months from “First Use” after you buy the gloves to have them re-tested. A good idea is to take a picture of your sealed HV glove bag, with a copy of the invoice. Then take another picture the day you open the sealed glove bag. The entire process from the date of purchase to the date of your first test must be 1 day less than a full year. 364 days to be safe. After that it is every 6 months and that date will be stamped with special ink on the cuff.