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Stabiliant 22 Tube (Enough to make 2 bottles of 22A) [AXJ001]

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Stabilant 22 is an electrically active material which will restore a connection to better than new. Stabilant 22a is 22 with alcohol added to make it flow better. It is used to treat connectors. Stabilant 22 is not a terminal cleaner, but rather an electrically conductive contact enhancer.

Before you use it clean any dirt or grease from the contacts, both male and female. Then apply this liquid to the male terminal so it covers the working surface. Wait 1 minute for alcohol to evaporate. Plug it into the female connector. After just a few minutes, you are done.

If the physical connection is good, the Stabilant 22 will keep it that way for a decade or more. It does 4 things.

  1. Chemically changes a copper oxide (an insulator) back to copper and oxygen.  No need to sand way the green oxide.
  2. Coats the contacts to keep any more oxides (rust) from forming.
  3. If a gap of less than 0.005” (0.127mm) existed between the contacts, the paste will fill it.
  4. Stabilant will conduct electricity between the gap but no further.
  5. It is not a glue, so you can unplug the connector anytime.
  6. Lasts over a decade. It is non-toxic, so there’s no problem with it’s use.

Caution: do not overly apply it to an O2 sensor connection as it may clog the inlet wire that is used for outside oxygen. This is not to say it cannot be used on O2 sensor connections. It can, just don’t overdo it.

You really need to use Stabilant 22a on every connection you unplug as insurance against comebacks. ACDC recommends two drops per terminal on every connection in a hybrid or EV. When you use it, charge your customer accordingly. We estimate 600 drops per ounce (15 ml). Divide the price of Stabilant 22a by 600 and you will have your cost per drop. Bill the customer for the terminals you have treated at the markup you normally use for small parts and now you are doing three things; making money, fixing cars and buying insurance against a comeback. Brilliant!  This is much cheaper than replacing the sensor or wiring harness connector or the whole harness, if all you have is a bad connection.