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ACDC Charger – High Voltage Battery Charger HBB (P/N: JAK001)

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This ACDC developed hybrid high voltage battery balancer and charger is used for rebalancing Honda battery packs in the car on a yearly basis to prevent codes, IMA lights and extend battery life. It also will slowly charge a low NiMH pack. This was developed by an Up Your Voltage! Graduate and testing at his service shop from 2010 to 2012. The ACDC HBB is a non-adjustable voltage / current device set at 400mA to 900mA constant current. The voltage will automatically set at a higher than pack voltage (up to 500 volts) as the battery pack slowly accepts its charge. As the voltage rises the battery is still accepting a charge. It can charge a known good NiMH pack.

The kit includes: The HBB, Cat III 1k-volt leads and long reach cable ends, a carrying case and a color instruction guide.

No warranty is implied and it is dangerous working with high voltage.  For that reason it is only for sale to UYV graduates or techs with proven HEV skills.