How do you experience 2020? ACDC is a very international business, but most of our business in 2020 was in the States as travel restrictions stopped travel, for good reasons in late February. The human condition was on display as never before. In America, the elderly were hit hard with Covid-19, but the Indigenous American Indians were really left out in the cold. If you were without health problems and had access to good health care, Covid-19 didn’t seem like a big deal to many. It was a test of every countries health care system, but more importantly the amount of trust the citizens of that country had in its institutions and leadership. Would the people do what they were told? Do you have customers that do not take your recommendations on their car repair? Did they read on some website that you were just trying to make money off of them?  People need facts. Have you ever fixed a car without facts? 2020 was a bad year, unless you were in the mask, sanitizer or distance learning business. We also learned who the essential workers are, you!

So here we are in 2021. Covid 19 looks like it will be under control sometime this year. We all hope so. ACDC will be holding classes again at our training center. Our long awaited hybrid-EV book is nearing completion. Next month we will look back at what ACDC did in 2020. It was a year like none other.