November is always a busy month for anyone is the Automotive business. It is Industry week and lots of buiness to do. You will find Deb and I in Vegas the first week and then Deb heads back to the office / home in Worcester (that is pronounced Woos’ta) in the beautiful State of Massachusetts.

Keep in mind that the fall colors here are like no other place and we are planning classes in the Berkshire Mountains in the fall of 2012. Stay tuned for those anouncements.

I will drive the ACDC Prius up to San Francisco and after 3 weeks of HYBRID/ EV Classes I will have a chance to see my brother, Clay, and his family. We may get to the SF Auto Show as I hear it will be in town.

I am often asked if I get tired of traveling so much. The short answer is NO, but the reason is I am so well supported at home.  Deb does a great job of making it all work.

And lastly ACDC is a big supporter of Foster Care Adoption.  Both of our sons (Mike and Will, age 20 and 26) were in foster homes before they became Van Batenburg’s. Please remember the plight of these often forgotten kids.  Tune into “Home for the Holidays” around Dec 20th or so. It is an annual show that will explain more about what you can do to help.