Happy Holidays,

It is the time of year to take stock in our priorities while we prepare for Christmas or just enjoy the Holiday Season. Deb and I just returned from Canada and have finished our classes in the Canary Islands, Las Vegas, the West Coast of the USA and our usual combination of work and fun. Winter is here and the company Prius II is waiting in SF for my return. The VOLT just got out of the body shop after a deer committed suicide on the right rear door and it did not burst into flames! 2011 was a busy year for us. As the world sees the benefits of changing our fleet from oil burning to wind, solor, or water powered mobility everyone is winning. We will still need liquid fuel for decades to come but why burn it when many trips can be made in a Volt or a Leaf? Hybrids cars will also be here as long as we use any liquid that costs over 3 dollars a gallon as the hybrid system saves you money. If your job requires you to know how hybrids or EVs work ACDC can help in that area.

So 2011 is almost over. Make sure you watch “The Revenge of the Electric Car”.  Take the time to write down your goals for 2012. Keep your chin up and look for creative ways to grow your business.

An E Mial we recieved form Hal Lewis

“Craig. We now service over 30 Hybrids on a regular basis thanks to YOU giving us the courage to do it, we haven’t encountered major problems with any BUT normal maintenance still pays off. You should check out the Solar LED Innovations company I am VP of Sales/product development. I will retire out of the Auto repair biz within the next 2 years, other interests are taking over.”