This month is the crazy one.  When it is over I will have flown over 16,000 miles and been coast to coast in America with a trip thrown in to the Canary Islands. Did you know that Hybrids and Electric cars are sold in over 100 countries.  ACDC now has a very busy International business. 37% of sales this year in outside the US. Good thing Deb and I are happy travelers. The people at our Church wonder if I really exist or is Deb making up stories.

An OHM meter will not do. ACDC has developed a simple test for these motors.

I start the month in LA with classes ending up in Las Vegas. That is where I left the Gen II ACDC Prius after I taught a class there. Then fly home and grab my wife and off to Madrid and the Canary Island. This is a convention of Swedish and Norwegian shops owners and techs. I visited some of them last June in Oslo.

Once Deb and I get back it is a short turn around and back to Las Vegas for Industry week that will include work for APRA, AAPEX, and working the booths for Midtronics, SupercooL and Magid Glove.  Deb and I love Vegas and always enjoy our time there.

In my spare time we are developing a better test for EV motors.