It is September and things are moving faster again.  Years ago (1999 – 2006) I taught an 80 hour class for my Home State called First and Edge. I met a 30 something tech / co-op shop owner named David Weber. I called him “Bio-diesel Dave” as he drove to class (some 60 miles each way) in a vegetable powered VW. Well now Bio-Diesel Dave calls me out of the blue and tells me he is an attourney. I was shocked and in need of one. Do you have an attorney that is also a Master Technician with L1?  Now I have some bragging rights.

Also ACDC is heading off to NH and Maine in the ACDC VOLT to teach our 8 hour class. Some more time in West Hawley, play with my PICO scope, scan the VOLT to see when it moved into MODE 4. All that important stuff that keeps me out of trouble.

September is also IMPA (International Motor Press Association) TEST DAYS. It is IMPA’s 50th year and this year we are heading to a private race track to drive cars fast and legal. What fun. Deb will be going with me.

Over 60 volts can be lethal. Use safety gloves and be careful.

ALT Wheels in Boston will take place as well and ACDC is going to learn more about HD hybrids and fleets. Things change a lot. We will also display our VOLT and let attendees take a spin.

At the end of the month you will find me in South Gate, CA. at VTS, a Spanish speaking school holding court with techs teaching  a new class we call High Voltage. 4 nights and a day long on Saturday. Julio Cardoza is the owner.  I will be on the West coast for two plus weeks.