When the internal combustion engine inhales its last gulp of oxygen, the electric motor will be standing by to take over. When will that happen? It is happening now, as many countries have already set a time to phase out the ICE. The Marshall Islands were the first. Many countries will follow. The electric motor is simple, powerful, and easy to diagnose. It is the controls and power supply that are more complex. No more burning your hand on a hot exhaust system or gasoline in your armpit. No shop exhaust hoses that leak carbon monoxide to make you feel ill. Sorry, but those days will end. Not soon, but someday.

Electric motors have only gotten better and are less expensive to manufacture. Internal combustion engines (ICE) are dominant in the world of transportation and have been for any technician living today. What advantage does a modern electric motor of 150 hp (112Kw) have over a modern 150 hp gasoline engine?  The electric motor is smaller, lighter, less expensive to make, has no emissions, more available power, torque on demand, easier to diagnose, simple to fix, fewer moving parts, fewer sensors, no need for a flammable liquid onboard, less cost for energy, recharge at home or work, misfires do not create pollution, no emission inspections, no EVAP systems, no oil changes, no tune-ups, no spark plugs, and no timing belt or chain. Can you think of more? What is the advantage of an ICE over an electric motor; refueling is faster, more places to gas up, and the driving range is further.

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