As you can imagine an EV driver / technical trainer from Massachusetts may be suspected of being a liberal, tree-hugging, socialist that would demand we all drive EVs. So much for putting me in a box. Everyone I know (and that is a lot of people from many places) isn’t easy to pigeonhole. The long hair? I like it, as I don’t have much on top. My battery-powered things include a chain saw, scooter, zero-turn mower, Zero sport bike, weed whacker, snow blower, and of course many four-wheeled vehicles. I am still working on the electric boat (really). I am one pick-up truck away from no more carbon fuel in the tank. If something has to spin a shaft, seems like an electric motor works well and starts up after sitting for a while.

I am not alone. Repairing vehicles is what I have done my entire life. I made a living at it. I like the process of loosening bolts, screws, and fasteners. I love to make something work again that are broken. I hope you do as well. Mechanical and electrical stuff fascinates me.

I also have spent a lot of my free time outdoors in less populated places since I joined the Cub Scouts in Ogden, Utah as a kid. Nature is even more amazing than what humans build. Deb and I have a tiny house (400 square feet or 27 square meters) in Hawley, Massachusetts that is in the middle of nowhere. Google that village. When it comes down to choices between carbon fuel and renewable energy and the cost is close to each other, it is not a thought-provoking decision. We are there now. If you can afford a new product I have just listed, you can buy the battery version. And many people worldwide did that last year. And will again in 2023.

These electric-powered things need you. That creative part of you will enjoy it. I listen to the music of the ’60s, but I don’t live in that world anymore. There is a new world now and another version of that world evolving as I write this. My very conservative close friend, Terry B., bought a Tesla. He is 74 and loves it. He also has a Muscle Car.