Here are nine milestones we reached in 2022 at ACDC

  1. Most Classes were “Sold Out”
  2. ACDC finished our EMV book in June (five years in the making)
  3. Boston is using ACDC as their EV train-the-trainer for High School
  4. We added a Tesla Model 3 to our fleet
  5. We added a Zero SR/F so Craig could go electric on two wheels
  6. We are now moving snow and mowing the lawn with EGO equipment. Battery swapping makes that possible.
  7. Sales were up about 40% over last year
  8. We received a sizeable grant from Massachusetts to help gear up for more EV training since our State’s Climate Bill was signed in 2022. More about that later.
  9. We are moving into the entire building. Will be 4,800 sq. ft.


The ACDC people (the best part)

  1. Deb has retired but still makes sure our students at the ACDC training center are well fed and taken care of.
  2. Aiden has stepped up and taken on the Tesla classes, plus more.
  3. Kena continues to make our website work, plus most anything behind the scenes that makes our customers happy.
  4. Our summer help, Chris and Angel, painted, repaired, built, and keep our old building (1938) in shape.
  5. Mark Weller, our US West Coast technical trainer went to trade shows, taught classes, and helped improve our classes.
  6. Peter Neilson is following Mark’s lead and wears the ACDC shirt in the North West.
  7. Hazzaa Mahgoub, the ACDC trainer in the Middle East, is offering ACDC classes in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
  8. Agnes Perez has been helping the Spanish speakers with ACDC classes and providing the Spanish edition of our HEV-EV Intro book. She lives in Puerto Rico.
  9. Locally, Matt LaMontagne, Jamie Wooldridge, and George Sotiropoulos travel to ACDC and hold court during Up Your Voltage. They are all techs working on EMV every day.

Many other professionals in our industry have expressed interest in joining ACDC in some capacity. We are growing to fill the demand.

Over 23 years ago I bought a Honda Insight. It was the beginning in America of High Voltage cars being sold in every state, not because of a law, but because it just made sense. Today it is EVs. ACDC is so thankful that we were a part of that change then and still are today. The people mentioned above and so many more have been our partners and in many cases, we were theirs, as we do what is right for all of us and our green and blue planet. As Greta would say, we have no “Planet B”.