In June of 2022, ACDC bought a used 2020 Tesla Model 3 extended range AWD. It sold new for about $70,000 and with the inflated used car market, we paid over $56,000. Why did ACDC do this? For years I have been asked to do Tesla training. I put on a class at AAPEX in Las Vegas years ago and it was a full house. May have been the first aftermarket Tesla class ever. ACDC had bought some Tesla parts along the way. It was very interesting to see what Tesla was doing did, as the battery pack modules were unique (Model S days 2012 to 2015). I answered many questions and learned along the way. One question I was asked often was “Where can I buy a Tesla Scan Tool?” There were two bootleg scanners that I knew of, one sold in England (source unknown to me) and another from Eastern Europe. We have a qualified shop in the Netherlands and the shop owner, Mark, does a lot of EV work as the population of EVs in percentage of ICE vehicles is large. Mark came to see us and took our “Up Your Voltage” class a few years ago. After he added EVs to his shops work, he had many Tesla owners ask for service. Mark would borrow an aftermarket Tesla scan tool from the local body shop. The body shop used it for ADAS calibrations. Mark was OK with the tool. I was skeptical, as I normally am, with bootleg tools. That was 5 years ago as I remember.

ACDC has been telling our customers that ACDC will get into Tesla training when Telsa sells a factory scan tool. That is the case now ($3,000 per year), so Aiden Neary, a smart ACDC tech, has a Tesla, a factory scan tool, service information, our training center and time. All we need to dig into this OEM.

Expect Tesla classes in the near future from ACDC. Service information is free from Tesla (They took a lesson from Hyundai as their service info was free a decade ago. It no longer is). Tesla parts are sold at retail to shops.

EV sales are growing every year. We are here to help you, so let us know when you are ready.