Back to School

Did you graduate from an Automotive Technical High School or maybe have your two year degree in automotive science and technology? Then you most likely have a solid background in automotive theory. Automotive Theory is about the least likely subject technicians want to study, especially when they are young and have just gotten their first car. They are dying to get it running and on the road and schooling is not very excitingLayout 1

My father, Raymond, let me work at his used car lot when I was a kid. Although he didn’t have a repair shop, back in the 50s and 60s you bought cars at auction that needed a lot of work. In many cases it was going to need the seats redone, rebuild the engine or fix the transmission, do a brake job, etc. The list just goes on and on. In 1969, the year I graduated from Burncoat High School (that would be 45 years ago) going off to college to get it degree in automotive technology in order to fix an automobile was unheard of. Today it makes more sense than ever as electric cars, hybrid cars and plug-in hybrid cars are gaining popularity. More people realize the benefits to their bottom line, the climate change crisis and the fun of driving a powerful, torquey automobile. If you are one that has a degree or a great formal education then understanding the new technology is so much easier for you than a tech with just a High School diploma and a lack of a real understanding of electricity, electronics, hydraulics and more. But many tell me theory is boring. “Why waste my time?”
Some of you may remember a company called Electude in my blog earlier this year. That company is based in the Netherlands and I will be at their home office in the middle of September working on new projects and advancing the education of automotive technicians everywhere and in multiple languages. This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve been involved with in quite a while. The impact can be quite large. If you haven’t already learned about Electude for shop owners and technicians please check out our website to learn more about it. Expect a phone call or an email in from ACDC as we announce even more exciting ways of learning brought to you by AC DC and our partners at Electude. It really is time to get back to school and finish that is training. We want to help.

The book to your right is brand new. It is about 90 pages of full color pictures and diagrams that will help anyone get started in this exciting world of high voltage cars.

Lets get back to school.