ACDC keeps adding more HEV and EV to our Fleet


It is Hot in new England right now. Up Your Voltage! 28 (UYV) is over. This class always reminds me of what a we have to learn and relearn. Once you have done UYV  you can return and review the class again for 1/2 price.  Jack Larmor was here for the 3rd time.  Our first triple UYV graduate and he drove here from Michigan in a Hybrid!  We are all impressed with his commitment  and determination.   The ACDC VOLT was taken down to a deeper level and it still runs.  :)   What happened when you create a dead short from the HV busbars to chassis ground. We tested that one and were a bit surprised. We are testing a Prius HV battery charger and will continue that at UYV29 in August.  I visited the office of Happy, our new social marketing consultant and we now have a facebook fan page. Do I have any fans?  I hope so. Go to  and be a friend of ACDC.  We love all of you! 

ACDC also visited Tyler, Texas and helped out at the NACAT teachers conference. Darcy is moving into a new position at ACDC to help get out Auto instructors what they need. Deb , Darcy and I hasd a great time. Our thanks to the host school. 

Hope your summer (or Winter down under) is going well. More later.



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