insideSeptember means Europe for ACDC.  For about ten years Deb and I have flown to Europe, sometimes a couple times per year. We have been invited to teach in amazing places. As co-owners of ACDC we have spent some time together when not working but enjoying what the area we are in has to offer. That has included the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Iceland, England, Poland, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and other fun places. I spot all the interesting cars and charging stations…Deb knows where to eat and what museum to visit.

Today I find myself in Berlin and this is day 4. It has sunk in now that East Berlin, where our hotel is, was not available to me 30 years ago.  A wall did not keep me out, it kept East Berliners in. Open mindedness is an ACDC value. It applies to our industry, electric cars, climate change and those that ACDC serves. But in order to keep the wall down our customers must also be open minded. That my friends, takes some doing. If you just want a class about hybrid or electric cars, watch out as ACDC will challenge what you know. We will ask you to keep an open mind and be a Berliner. Want to change your viewpoint about our educational system, what we drive, how we teach our young automotive students, tools and pay plans? If growing an industry that values its people, its contributions and the air, ACDC is your kind of place.  No walls, nothing to protect. Let it all in when you work with us. We have a world view and so you don’t need to live in a bunker.