December is always a reflective month for me. It is my and Deb’s Birthday, it is 35 years ago this month that I opened my very own business, Van Batenburg’s Garage, Inc. or VBG as it was known. And of course it is Christmas time and the end of another year. Deb’s mother was born in December as were some relative and friends. This is the month I write down my yearly goals and look over what I wanted to get done in 2012.  Many parties and usually our first snow, so preparation for bad weather is also on the list. I also plan out the next year’s business trips ACDC will be attending. Best of all it is the month I stay home (usually) and this year I will be in Massachusetts the entire month.


Deb, Daniel, Craig (Clay had just flown home) in NC

Last month ACDC did something new, we moved Up Your Voltage to Hemet, California. No small effort and it was a great class. Steve Ferron, our East Coast tech/trainer flew out, Phil and Julio helped out as trainers and we used Phil’s Shop for the weekend hands-on part. We tore down a Leaf and learned more about Honda’s from Phil.  The West Coast is now within our reach.

My brother Clay, his son Daniel (19), Deb and I drove all the cars back (they were shipped out) and they were left in Sanford, North Carolina for our next Up Your Voltage Class coming up in early February.  It feels like a traveling circus.

Our 2013 re-write of our most popular book is taking most of my time and will be out early next year. Business at ACDC is good and keeps everyone here busy.

We had Thanksgiving at Darcy and Rick, my sisters and brother-in-law (they also work for ACDC) for the first time as we had just pulled in from our cross country trip. Family is what this season is all about. I know I have been E mailing you repeatedly for donations to FAAT CATS, Worcester Shines, Inc 501 (3) c, and my thanks for those of you that have donated money to help foster kids get homes. It is not too late to help out. On December 9th at 9am EST a drawing will be held live on the internet and a winner will be chosen to win a new Midtronics HYB1000 hybrid battery tester worth $2,500. My thanks to Midtronics for the donation.

2013 looks like it has great potential for growth in the HEV and EV market. The election is over and as you know President Obama loves EVs and that is good for ACDC. Are you READY for the new wave of cars and trucks?  That is a question to ask yourself as you get ready for a new year.  We are here to help in any way we can.


Happy Holidays,