Art and old Caddilacs

Welcome to a new year.  I spent the entire month of December at my home is Worcester, Massachusetts. Both of my sons, Mike and Will, have moved back home and my nephew, Daniel also moved in. Sometimes we complain about the kids staying at home after 18 years of age, but that is mostly bull crap. What a great job Fatherhood is and I get to continue working with 3 young men as they reach for the stars. The three have adoption in common (all were in foster care) and age from 19 to 27.  They all work at ACDC in the office or our off-site shop.  My old repair shop is now subdivided as I have a new tenant that occupies about three quarters of the shop and ACDC has a skunk-works shop that we all get to tinker in. Life is good.  I hope yours is as well.  

Looking back on 2012 it was a great year for my family and my health. Deb is healing well from her heart attack back in August. I just checked my weight again and have been able to hold off the extra 10 pounds I usually add over the winter and holidays. ACDC had a record year, best sales ever.  The extra profit went into people, not things.  We have added 6 part-time employees and are gearing up for 8 more. Some are technical and some are in sales. The Volt is going strong and Volt sales were great for GM. ACDC helped spread the word. EV’s sales are bumping along but radical technologies do in the beginning. As most of you know I was pleased with the elections and the next four years are set for many changes that will help everyone with gasoline bills to pay.  Massachusetts is now 60% natural gas for electrical production as we phase out coal and a new off shore wind farm is being built off Cape Cod, so the grid is getting cleaner. The Volt is now a cleaner car than when I bought it as the generation of the electricity is not as polluting. In 2012 ACDC traveled to new places and spent time in Ireland and England. We also went back to Germany and Netherlands for work and vacationed in Brussels, Belgium. Good beer and a wonderful city. Hemet, California was added to our list and we drove across the USA (part of it on old route 66) for an adventure not to be forgotten.       

2013 will bring new products to you from ACDC.  Some tidbits; we are opening up a Canadian division, selling a new product to help with Honda HV Battery codes, and adding another hybrid to our fleet. Watch for announcements as the year goes by. Deb and I are here, along with our entire staff, to help your business or career grow and prosper so let’s welcome in a new year. Happy 2013!