Testing each Li-ion cell for voltage after removing a VOLT battery pack.

The ACDC VOLT was a big part of last month as I traveled in the VOLT to Montreal and helped a team of instructors remove a battery pack on a crashed VOLT.  There is no substitute for hands-on training. There are many levels of hands-on work but one thing is for sure you do need a shop and a broken car.  From there it can get very interesting as things either go your way or not. The not is the part we remember.

The VOLT is a marvel of putting a lot of parts in a small place so I can drive around my town without using oil. As my electricity is made from water power the carbon used is close to zero per mile. Wow!  You may have seen a lot of news lately about some states would be better to use gas than electricity?  I wonder who put that our there. One Guess.

I keep hearing from most of my students that they want real hybrid cars to work on and the parts and scan tools to go with them. What do they like about ACDC?  We have all that stuff plus a lot more. It is 12 years plus since I taught my first hybrid class and I am still amazed at two things; 1. How little most people know about these cars. 2. How much I still have to learn.  So far this year I have spent over 6 days at SAE meetings learning with more to go. 

May has also been a busy month for ACDC. We have added yet one more person to help us out, remotely. Soon you can follow us on twitter and facebook.

The ACDC USA HEV -EV Tour across America is still going strong. Our Gen II Prius left our driveway in November of 2010 and has clocked over 20,000 miles so far. ACDC has taught classes using this car in over 12 States  and the car is now waiting for us in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I am having a great time visiting our customers  and enjoying this beautiful country.  

I have also started writing a book, not a technical book, but a story. It is called “From 8 cylinders to Zero”. It is a two year project and cronicals what I have seen and done over my lifetime.  I have 2 pre-sold :)       

Up Your Voltage,                   

Craig, CEO of ACDC