Hello from the West Coast,

The Last UYV Class in N.C. It is March 20th and I have been on the road all month. I have visited Redding, CA with Ed Malazo. Ed is an Up Your Voltage (UYV) Graduate and is also an automotive instructor in this Northern California town. I taught a hybrid / EV class to a group of techs from 75 to 17 years old, really!  They cooked food on the grill and we had a great time. Today I am in Washington State having taught classes in Portland, Oregen and Salem, the capital city and B.C.  Bill Gastone allowed me to teach a three part class at the Oregon State Prison. That was an experience that is rare and thought provoking.  I have noticed that this year more techs than ever are more serious about hybrid and EV training. Why, I don’t know, but the first two UYV  classes were sold out before the end of January.  ACDC is adding staff to keep up with the demand.

I also have taught in many other towns along the way and will be heading for a cruise ship to Nassua with Deb at months end. This hybrid / EV business gets more interesting every day.

The ACDC Gen II Prius that is on the road with me has over 143K miles. It is amazing what you can load into this Hybrid and it still gets 44 mpg even fully loaded.  The new VOLT is also doing well and has over 20K and about 5,000 of then are EV miles. It has a lifetime average of over 52 mpg. One of the most patriotic acts you can do is buy a VOLT.  One of our ACDC graduates in Australia tells me the VOLT goes on sale there soon as a HOLDEN VOLT.  The future looks good.

On the road in the North West,


Want to hear what our students say “a Short Video”   Read some of their notes sent to us over the years


I wanted to let you know that Up Your Voltage was top-notch training.  I attend a lot of training and I can honestly say that your class is the best I have ever attended.  The thing that impressed me the most was the organization of it all.  Everything I needed was at that hotel.  I didn’t have to go anywhere for meals or travel anywhere for the training sessions.  I didn’t even spend any money while I was there!  Craig delivered invaluable, intense, hands-on training which was a welcome relief from some of the watered-down training that is so popular in our industry today. So I thank you for a great learning experience.  Thank you for all the hard work in keeping us all content with food, shelter and everyday needs.   Thank you for the dedication you both have to not only the automotive industry but to the people you take in at your classes.   Sincerely, Dave Hauck