End of the Road for a VOLT ... when does the AWD version come out?

Hello Everyone,

It is February 18 and Deb and I have been in Duck, N.C. for  a week, taught another SOLD OUT Up Your Voltage (UYV) class in Sanford, NC. and driven many miles up and down the Eastern Coast. The weather is unseasonably warm (This Climate Change has some short term benefits) and as I struggle to lose 10 more pounds this year (lost 10 in 2011) I have been running on the beach and eating heathly but gained 5 pounds so far. But the main reason why I was in DUCK was to finish a heavy rewrite of our “2010 Understanding Hybrid Technology and Service Book” and bring it up to date for 2012 and include electric cars as well. It will be done next month. This year has already seen some amazing results as we have sold out the first three UYV classes before we have taught the first one.  Deb, Brian, Darcy, Mark and Mike have a lot to do with that feat. The West coast classes are also doing well and so are EV sales.  It is a wonderful place to be as I watch this electric revolution take hold. More later.