2013 fleet

Some of the ACDC Fleet from left to right; 2011 Nissan Leaf, 2003 Civic Hybrid, 2000 Honda Insight, 2011 Chevy Volt, 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid, 2004 Prius and 2001 Prius.

Who is ACDC?

We are an automotive training company that specializes in HYBRID and ELECTRIC VEHICLE training for the aftermarket.

Simply stated

“ACDC exists to keep Independent Shops in Business” 

“We make sure your 12 volt brain is well developed and then we create a high voltage brain to use along with it. Where the two brains match up the learning is easy but sometimes ACDC will break the connection between the two so your 12 volt brain is not used on a high voltage problem.”

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Craig Van Batenburg, the CEO and founder, is good at taking the complex and making it easy to understand.  ACDC creates unique classes that are delivered in person world wide. ACDC also uses the latest technologies to deliver training and education over the world wide web.

We believe people learn in many ways so we are flexible and creative. Click About us to know more.    

Recent Post

The first two months of 2014 I found myself in New Orleans, Grand Rapids (Michigan), Cincinnati and Cleveland (Ohio) and Montreal, and I noticed that when I bring up climate issues and C02 I get fewer bad looks and never an argument. This is a change from 10 years ago when I was asked (actually told) by a mid-western trade association to keep my politics out of my classes. I did try to explain that I did not see science as politics but that fell on deaf ears. I have not taught for that state trade association again. ACDC grew 58% last year so we are fine and I am sure someday that association will hire me again, after some changes on the board. But the point of this month’s blog is things are changing and I am hopeful that the technicians see what a key role they will play as more plug-in cars are sold and less gasoline is consumed.

Plug-n Cars are loved by the Dutch

In February a storm shut down the East coast airports and roads. Everything but Amtrak was not moving. As you may know Dorman bought ReInvolt (Dave Taylors’ HV battery rebuilding company) recently. I was called on a Thursday at midday to get to Michigan the next day. No planes or busses and I was not willing to drive the 900 plus miles in a blizzard. A train was leaving Boston in just 2 hours. I knew that was my only option so off I went to the Worcester train station. Just like live theater, the show must go on. The 21 hour trip to Indiana (where I would rent a car) turned into 28 hours and I made it just in time. The return train trip included a sleeper car so it was restful. That train was powered by a diesel electric hybrid system. Did you know it was 1938 when a hybrid train engine entered the market? It is still here as it was a good idea whose time has come. Climate change is here and most everyone I work with knows that. This month I will spend 10 days in the Netherlands teaching at many colleges. Holland is where my grandfather, Oker, was born and raised. It is a special place for me. More about that next month.

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Upcoming Class

Hybrid and EV A/C and Update on R1234yf ..Engish and Spanish

This class will be held in San Juan, PR. A translator will help with Spanish. Class done in English. This is our annual A/C update on the latest A/C issues concerning HEV and EVs. New Heat pumps in the Leaf, R1234yf and more.
When: Sat April 26 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Where: San Juan, PR

2014 EDTA Conference

Craig and Deb will be at this event covering this important event for a few Automotive magazines. We will also be holding ACDC classes off site.
When: Mon May 19 8:45 AM - Wed May 21 5:45 PM
Where: Indianapolis, IN

Both Class below EV and Prius are $175 if you attend both.

Bring a laptop and the handout is Free or $10 for a jump drive with the class loaded on it.
When: Wed May 21 2:45 AM - 3:45 AM