2013 fleet

Some of the ACDC Fleet from left to right; 2011 Nissan Leaf, 2003 Civic Hybrid, 2000 Honda Insight, 2011 Chevy Volt, 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid, 2004 Prius and 2001 Prius.  NEWS FLASH …. ACDC has just added a 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid AWD.

Who is ACDC?

We are an automotive training company that specializes in HYBRID and ELECTRIC VEHICLE training for the aftermarket.

Simply stated

“ACDC exists to keep Independent Shops in Business” 

“We make sure your 12 volt brain is well developed and then we create a high voltage brain to use along with it. Where the two brains match up the learning is easy but sometimes ACDC will break the connection between the two so your 12 volt brain is not used on a high voltage problem.”

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Craig Van Batenburg, the CEO and founder, is good at taking the complex and making it easy to understand.  ACDC creates unique classes that are delivered in person world wide. ACDC also uses the latest technologies to deliver training and education over the world wide web.

We believe people learn in many ways so we are flexible and creative. Click About us to know more.    

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Upcoming Class

HEV- EV-PHEV High Voltage Train-the-Trainer .. Private Class

A Progressive Post High School is getting their training for their staff. Now ACDC style classes will be available in Spanish.

When: Fri December 5 9:00 AM - Sat December 6 6:00 PM
Where: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Formula E Race .. Electric Fi cars.

ACDC will attend the race and do classes after as well.
When: Fri March 13 2015 8:45 AM - Sun March 15 8:45 PM
Where: Miami, FL

NYC International Auto Show ... New York City

Craig and Deb will be making our anual trip to the Big Apple. In the area? Lets have dinner. We both write for Auto, Inc and so we cover this show to keep up with the latest HEV / EV news.
When: Wed April 1 2015 8:15 AM - Thu April 2 11:15 PM
Where: NYC, NY