2013 fleet

Some of the ACDC Fleet from left to right; 2011 Nissan Leaf, 2003 Civic Hybrid, 2000 Honda Insight, 2011 Chevy Volt, 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid, 2004 Prius and 2001 Prius.  (2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid AWD and Prius 2010 not shown)

Simply stated

“ACDC exists to keep Independent Shops in Business” 

“We make sure your 12 volt brain is well developed and then we create a high voltage brain to use along with it. Where the two brains match up the learning is easy but sometimes ACDC will break the connection between the two so your 12 volt brain is not used on a high voltage problem.”

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New L3 Prep Book and Web training package.   Here is one review:

Craig, Wow, the book is amazing, the recorded video is awesome. Thanks so much for putting this together.

In the video, you mention sending lots of different info my email. Could you send me that info.

Also, I would like to purchase another movie, still have to decide which (the $900 complete pack is tempting, but out of the budget to start into hybrids at this point), the OTC meter with insulation tester, and make a donation to the faat cats. My test is next Saturday, so Ideally I could get the video key early in the week to watch it.

Thanks, Jon

Also, I have a question about inverter controls with the IGBT and diodes.

Craig’s comment:  Really, it is that good?  Shucks..

Craig Van Batenburg, the CEO and founder, is good at taking the complex and making it easy to understand.  ACDC creates unique classes that are delivered in person world wide. ACDC also uses the latest technologies to deliver training and education over the world wide web.

We believe people learn in many ways so we are flexible and creative. Click About us to know more.    

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Upcoming Class

Craig and Deb Travel to Puerto Rico

Three 8 hours classes in Puerto Rico over a weeks time. Our NEW Spanish book is included.
When: Wed December 9 10:30 AM - Wed December 16 8:30 PM
Where: San Juan, PR and other places

NYC PD Fleet Training

Back to NYC for more training. Gota love the Big Apple.
When: Mon January 4 2016 7:00 AM - Fri January 8 3:00 PM
Where: NYC

ACDC High Voltage Training 8 seats Cost $2000 to $3000 Mon-Fri Days Only 4 seats left!

This class is great as a "Train-the-Trainer" or for a technician that wants hands-on training. Craig will be your teacher. We will cover all HEV and EVs in the ACDC Fleet. There are many ways to buy this class; with books, webinars, hotel, use of a car and meals. Pricing ranges from $2,000 to $3,000 per student. Call Deb for more info at 508 400 4656.
When: Mon February 1 2016 8:30 AM - Fri February 5 5:00 PM