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Milli-Ohm Meter and ACDC Instruction Book/Case (MWV001)

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Why use a Milli-Ohm Meter?

The ohm meter that is part of a typical DVOM is not accurate testing loads under 1 Ohm

What do I need it for?

It can be use anytime you want an accurate reading but with EMVs the stator in the electric motors can fail and this is a good way to test the windings, whether it is a permanent magnet (PM) motor or Induction.

What is included in this package:

  1. The same milli-ohm meter used at the ACDC Training Center
  2. ACDC supplied Hard Case
  3. ACDC’s MilliOhm Meter Manual
  4. Positive and Negative Force and Sense Test Leads
  5. 120V AC Power Cable
  6. Free Web training
  7. Tech Support if bought from ACDC