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Our 10-day HEV-EV class starts 3 ACDC EBooks to study. Then 20 minutes, once a week, with Craig to get ready. Hands-on at ACDC for 10 days of in-person training. Before enrolling Craig will set up a 20-minute meeting online to explain more and answer any questions.

The class will let you work on the 5 required HEV-PHEV-EV needed to be part of ACDC’s ESP (Education Support Program). You will have the time to develop, with ACDC’s help, an HEV-EV class that will really complete your student’s knowledge so they can reach their potential and stay in the repair industry with the skills the shops need today.

If this date does not work for you, call or Email Craig van Batenburg for future dates.  See the contact page to reach him.

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