As I look back at my life as a tech, shop owner and now a hybrid / EV training provider, the changes in technology, both the vehicle and information was huge. I started my professional career working on Honda motorcycles after high school in the 60’s. Now I ride an electric two-wheeler. My father’s 50’s Ford had a big V-eight engine. Now I drive an all-electric car. My lawn is mowed with li-ion battery power, so a lot has happened in my lifetime.


Staying up with the changes is a full-time job. A slogan I used at my independent repair shop was “The difference between a job and a career is about 10 hours a week”. That has never been so true. If you want to study the rest of your life and believe in a cleaner and safer future, then you will love what is coming your way. Motor vehicles will still be fast (even big class 8 trucks) but they will not make a lot of noise. The EV is making inroads over an ICE vehicle. Eventually (and maybe sooner than you think), the world will be a quieter place. City air will be cleaner and the sound of the tires and the air rushing past the EV will be the only noise (unless the sound system is turned up) you will hear.

All forms of motorsports will move to electric fuel or sustainable carbon liquid fuels. Check out Formula E and Extreme E. As you read ACDC’s prediction of the future in our last blog, I hope you saw your place in the motor vehicle repair industry as we move into a new transportation era.

Why did I miss writing my monthly blog? It has been four months. Simply stated, “ACDC got very busy”. The pandemic eliminated in-person classes, but now we are fully back. More exciting news to come. Stay tuned.