December is a month that Deb and I both have our Birthdays. It is always a time to celebrate, dance, drink and usually take a cruse somewhere

VBG the old shop 1977 - 2004

VBG the old shop 1977 – 2004

warm. This December we will do it all again. Also in December ACDC (Corporate name is Van Batenburg’s Garage, INC…VBG) celebrates the start of our 38th year in business. On December 20, 1977 VBG opened our garage doors to help those that owned Honda, Datsun, Toyota cars and Honda Motorcycles with repairs and preventive maintenance. Over the decades we moved, bought a building, office, apartments and a few cars and trucks. Equipment and tools. Tool out ASE test is the mid 70’s and a hybrid in 1999. In 2004 we shut down the shop and training center to allow time to travel and teach worldwide. Last month we reopened the ACDC training center at the site of VBG. We will still travel but now we have a renovated home to contact automotive training again in my home town of Worcester (pronounced Woos’ ta) in Massachusetts. As grandparents we will have more time for Blake (4 years old) and Savanna (6).
A lot has changed in the last four decades but ACDC still cares about our customers, cars and the environment.
Please enjoy the holidays and spend time with those you love.


Craig Van Batenburg