It is cold and the snow is falling. Boston set a record for the coldest day on record. A new year is here and I find myself in Montreal at the home of Yves and Feliza Racette. Yves is our Canadian trainer that speaks French and English. Feliza is the better looking and smarter of the two and takes care of our web sites, a consumer site and the ACDC sites (one in French and one in English).  This year ACDC launched our Electude partnership and Feliza is also our on-line trainer.

Electude logo

ACDC has many partnerships. When I started my own business in 1977, I was a young man and wanted to do everything myself. 35 years later I know how limiting that can be. ACDC grew out of my Independent Honda repair shop and over the years I learned how to put together a great team of smart people who care about what they did and how they did it. Yves and Feliza are two great people.

Electude is our partner to make sure your basic training is solid so our Hybrid and EV training takes. At the end of most classes I teach there is a simple 3 question electrical test. Nothing hard but if you are not well-educated in fundamentals you may fail. 80% of US techs do. This new Electude on-line training is designed to change those numbers.

Our web site is also getting improvements in the “shopping part”. We are adding short videos explaining what we are selling. I hope you like these.