20 bucks or more helps kids

20 bucks or more helps kids

November is National Adoption Month and over 29,000 teenagers sit in foster homes believing no one cares and guess what, they are right. OK, they don’t care enough. How much is enough?  Enough to set aside your own life’s ambitions and do something absolutely crazy.  Adopt a teenager. That is how much. Nothing else will do, not your money or a visit at Christmas. Not an expensive present, not a lovely letter. These things are OK and thank God people do those acts but after being moved from home to home and everyone that ever helped them was getting paid it is hard to believe in love. The Beatles believed in love but foster teenagers don’t. It is too painful for them.  


Deb and I adopted Mike at age 6. He lives with us in Worcester so I will try not to embarrass him anymore than any father would. We learned a lot about foster kids from Mike and that made us aware of all the Wills out there. Will become our son legally two days before he turned 18, but he was ours the day we met him in 1998 and I have never been the same since. I have more patience than before and I have learned how many young men just want a mom and a dad, especially a father at that age.


So, are you tough enough? Loving enough? Secure enough with who you are? It really takes commitment, that same unreasonable type that long lasting marriages are made from. This work is not for sissies. It is not for macho men. It is for those that know they can always do more, do better and have something to offer. If that is you get in touch with me. You can do it and I can help.
This is not just for men or women, but a community that can support families that struggle. I grew up in the projects of Worcester after 12 years of living with parents that battled

alcohol and each other on Ogden, Utah. A very public divorce in the early sixties left me with the understanding and compassion that helps me do the work of reaching out to you. Together we can and will help kids in foster care find a family.   


We had a great response to this Fund Raiser last year and we raised over $3,000 with the support of Midtronics. Now PICO has stepped up to the plate for 2013. Our goal is $10,000 by the end of this month. We are just over $4,000.
So here is the deal; donate $20 dollars or more to FAAT CATS and ACDC will enter you into a drawing for a PICO 4 Channel Master Scope Kit and case. FAATCATS5_000