Nissan LeafIn May of 2013 ACDC was learning more about the Nissan Leaf as we bought a used 2011 with about 4k miles to use in class. This was new for all of us and 16 lucky Dutchmen had the first crack at it.  It took a little getting used to as everyone wanted to see “what it would do”.  The hotel only had 120 volt outlets outside but two years earlier ACDC donated a Voltec Level II EVSE (read this charger) to Wayside Automotive, home of “Up Your Voltage!”, so we used that EVSE as often as we could.  After class was over and students from the Netherlands headed to Logan Airport via Bus, Will, my oldest son and I drove the Leaf from the Hotel back to Wayside as I was leaving for Kentucky on a new adventure of HEV / EV training. One problem; the Leaf had 7 miles left in the HV battery back and Wayside is 12 miles away. Will followed in the Volt while I drove slowly and evenly along a surface road, coasting and drafting whenever possible. At 6 miles range left, the range indicator was flashing and then the GPS Map started to look for charging stations but I pressed on. It looked as though I would make it as I slowed and accelerated as a hyper-miler would.  I drifted into Wayside with the charger in sight. It was victory with 2 miles still showing! I think I am going to like this.