A letter from the CEO,

Dear Shop Owner, College Roommate, Teacher, Battery Engineer, Hybrid Owner, A/C Tech, Auto Tech, Body Shop Tech, Friend, Student, Fireman, VOLT technician, European Students, Salvage Yard Tech, European U.S. Air Force Base Trainer, Tow Truck Driver, Dude, Taxi Cab Driver, BMW Tech, Former Marine, U.S. Postal Tech, Dutch Auto Instructor, Web Surfer, Relative, VW Mechanic, Tool Truck Salesman, Old High School Buddy, EV driver, Transmission Specialist, Auction House, President Obama, Spy, Hippie, Adoptive Parents, etc.

DC -DC Converter with cover off of Prius, Gen II

I am home and heading back to Texas to pick up the Prius and head off to the West Coast. I have just wrapped up classes in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi and Texas. Over 120 techs and educators have a good working knowledge of hybrids so far on our USA tour. ACDC is booked and the first EVs are in the hands of real people. I just drove a LEAF and Nissan is doing a great job at educating the masses. There is a lot of work to do to get EV’s in the hands of people that can use them. As the world sees the benefits of changing our fleet from oil burning to wind powered mobility everyone is winning. We will still need liquid fuel for decades to come but why burn it when many trips can be made in a Volt or a Leaf? Hybrids cars will also be here as long as we use any liquid that costs over 3 dollars a gallon as the hybrid system saves you money. If your job requires you to know how hybrids or EVs work ACDC can help in that area.

Take some time to look over our web site.

Craig Van Batenburg, CEO