Foster  Adopted Abandoned Teenagers Can Attain Transformation Successfully

The purpose of FAATCATS is to prove that Foster, Adopted, Abandoned Teenagers Can Attain Transformation Successfully and to bring awareness to people that can get into action and inspired them to help these teenagers in anyway they can.  A “They” can be “You”.

The 2019 Fundraising Goal is $15,000. To do that we are selling tickets on-line for $100 to Win “Up Your Voltage!”, our 7 day class. All expenses are paid once you get to Massachusetts. We are selling only 100 tickets and once they are sold we will pull the winners name from a hat.




You can also donate $20 and win:

1st Prize: all of our recorded webinars to view for a year

2nd Prize: both of our hybrid / EV books

3rd Prize: CAT III DVOM

100% of the funding to manage and promote FAATCATS is provided by ACDC, therefore 100% of your donations go directly to provide needed services to those in need.

This non-for-profit organization believes the automotive industry can and will find a way to reach out to 29,000 US Kids and help them with jobs, mentoring, schools, foster homes and permanent family ties. In cooperation with many other organizations ACDC has one goal. Find a home for these teenagers.

What does FAATCATS do with your money?

  • Send Foster Boys 10-18 to camp for 2 weeks and also their brothers and sisters.
  • Support other Non-Profits with funds that help foster boys age 10 and up have hope for a forever family.
  • Support adoptions of pre-teens when they come into foster care so that they do not become teenagers while waiting for a family to adopt them.

What Can You Do To Help?

  1. Help us fund-raise
  2. Mentor a teenager at your shop
  3. Money:  Payable to Worcester Shines, Inc.  40 Boyd St. Suite 100  Worcester, MA 01606    You will get a receipt and our tax ID number
  4. Buy a ticket for our raffles
  5. Prayers are always good
  6. Your personal story about your foster experience

Let us know you want to help by E mailing (Craig@auto-careers.org) or write to Worcester Shines, INC. D/B/A FAAT CATS  40 Boyd Street, Suite 100, Worcester, MA 01606

links to Adoption Web sites

www.adoptuskids.org   A good clearing house for all USA Foster Care adoption information

www.mareinc.org   Massachusetts Foster Care non profit.

Adoption Rhode Island

Last edit 4/11/19