Hi Craig:  Just a short note to say how much I ENJOYED the Hybrid Graduate  class.. I found it EXTREMELY INTERESTING AND CAPTIVATING!!! I always ENJOY  AND LOOK FORWARD to your classes. I ALWAYS learn alot and I REALLY get into     (if that is the correct phrase) our discussions and the trading of   information and ideas. Even if it is not Hybrid related. I can honestly say     that I feel that you are a wise and knowledgable man in many respects. I am   PROUD to consider you both my FRIEND and TEACHER!!  I also want to THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR THE GIFTS!!! I am  wearing the Denso hat with pride as we speak. I also REALLY appreciate the book/technical manual that you gave me. I found it very FACT FILLED and     INFORMATIVE!!  But most of all I want to THANK YOU IN THE UPMOST WAY for your allowing me to assist you in teaching / training the other students/technicians. It REALLY MADE MY DAY AND WEEK!! I actually found it a very REWARDING function. I am HONOURED that you thought that I was up to the standards of being an assistant. I tried to model my behaviour/methods on yours and relate to the technicians. I hope that I performed the function satisfactorily. The questions that I was asked were very intelligent and made me think of a thorogh answer. Your RESPECT and CONFIDENCE in me really gave me a boost. And I definately needed it. I am seriously thinking/planning in the future ( I’m not sure when due to this economy and being able to take off for a time) to attend your Up Your Voltage class and look to persuing it a bit further as an assistant instructor for your course/company.  Again let me EXPRESS MY SUPREME GRADITUDE for all you did for me at the course. If I can EVER be of ANY assistance (even helping unload/load your vehicle) please do not hestitate to ask. I hope that   everyone is fine there and as I wrote to Deb in my E-mail Please give my congradulations to your son on his Graduation.  Look forward to hearing from you soon and getting together the   next time you are in the area. Please keep me posted on any and all events/info via your newsletter or an e – mail to me.
Take care and give my best to everyone.
Best Regards.