I have met few people that have the passion and drive for training that Craig Van Batenburg has with ACDC! I first met him in my shop in Albuquerque NM with a Welcome to hybrids seminar where 30 plus shop attended to learn about servicing Hybrids. I immediately signed up for his “Up your Voltage” boot camp class and 2 years later attended a second time with a key employee. I intend on doing that again with another employee very soon.

Training is everything and ACDC leaves nothing out of the process! Anyone that is involved in the automotive industry should attend one or more of his classes. If you attend a boot camp it is just that; you will be immersed in the highest quality training camp that is available for Hybrids and electric vehicles. Hands on demonstrations with ample live cars, and an entire vehicle or two worth of parts on tables to touch and learn from. Vocational schools should make this class mandatory for all instructors that even mention Hybrid in their curriculum.

I can not give a higher recommendation to any organization. ACDC is worth every dollar spent to attend! And then some!


James Maddox