Hi Craig,
I wanted to keep Vinces book and asked Deb to put it on the cc you  guys used when I paid for the class. She asked that I email you guys to  remind her.
This (Up Your Voltage III) was by far the best training I have ever received. I’ve been to many training seminars over the years ranging   from the mundane to the highly advanced and I can honestly say that your program far exceeds the standard of training out there as well as my own expectations of what training should be. The trainers were great and the facility was outstanding. Thank you again for putting together a well prepared and well executed training seminar. I’m looking forward to attending more of your training seminars when you are in my area.
Tom Palermo   Preferred Automotive
PS. Deb did a wonderful job with everything she did so if you would please extend my thanks to her as well I’d appreciate it.