Greetings from Canada!
It is Tuesday  evening and after driving a total of approximately 2300 kms (1400 miles), a   total driving time of about 19 hours round trip, we are home. It was definitely worth all of it.  The course and  hospitality and facility and instructors were all top notch! I came away learning much more than I had expected. I feel now that after the hands on training I experienced along with the theory I learned, I can handle any Hybrid that comes in the door. The fear is gone. I know what to expect and what to   respect. Thank you all so much!
A special thanks to Deb for attending to my wife Annette. You are a special person to enjoy time with and you also somehow are able to find the time to look after the “behind the scenes” necessities. I have never been so well fed at a training course.   Thank you.