Mr. Van Batenburg is also intent on helping others and giving back to the community.  Since 2013 he has returned to Worcester Technical High School not only as a guest speaker/presenter, but also as an invaluable, active member of the Automotive Technology Department’s advisory committee.  Additionally, as we were confronted with a difficult hybrid diagnosis and repair in the auto shop, he quickly and eagerly jumped in offering his expertise, equipment and components as well as providing our students (and instructors) with a wealth of real world, hands-on hybrid training.

Overall, I see Craig Van Batenburg as a bright, articulate, and personable individual, sensitive to the needs of others, and driven by a sense of commitment and dedication.  He has many gifts and talents to offer – both personally and professionally.  The tenor of his character, quality of his intelligence, depth of his technical expertise, and innate ability to inspire and teach makes Craig an outstanding instructor.