“Hello Craig,

I received your ASE L-3 training manual along with the webinar and I must tell you “well done”!  I am an ASE, Lexus master tech with L-1 since 1997 and been with Lexus and Toyota for 18 years now and have had extensive Toyota / Lexus training. The teachers and engineers at LEXUS COLLEGE here on east coast (which are brilliant btw) tell us they write their own lesson plans for their hybrid classes.

That being said I took the L-3 and failed it by 4 questions (first time I have failed an ASE test in 15 yrs.)! After reading that only 27% of tech pass this test on first try and I haven’t had a hybrid class in 5 years, I felt a little better. However passing this test is a must as every dealer in NEW JERSEY as they must now have L-3 and A-9 ASE in order to retain our state inspection repair facility license for 2018 until further notice. In your webinar you mention you can send a link for more info on IGBT’S that may help me further my studies and also a $55.00 class on 3 phase motors in more depth.

I professionally thank you and on a personal level I thank you (Also Deb as she was super kind and sweet to me)!  I will be recommending your programs to my crew of 7 team members I manage at the shop!


JASON … a team leader at a Lexus Dealership in New Jersey”