Dear Craig:
I hope this note finds you well and back home safe.  I hope you remember talking with me and my business partner at the   Vision conference.  I have a couple of interesting follow up notes for you. First, my son’s 6th grade physical science class was covering electricity.  I used your “Army man” theory to assist the teacher with instruction, purchased some multimeters and donated so we could   run some labs and had great success.  I think you are on a winner.  I still   have my army man on my desk to remind me to think about things differently.
Second, I really enjoyed your section on Hybrids.  I was somewhat skeptical about them, mainly from a lack of   education but after listening and then some follow-up research on my on I found that I was seriously interested.  I was not in the market for a car as   my husbands was scheduled for replacement in two years and mine in 3 to four when my husband decided to try and stuff his Dodge Intrepid up some guys   tail pipe.  It did not work and he managed to total the car and there I was in the market for the ever elusive hybrid.  Taking a gamble on Sat – I  stopped at the local Toyota dealer to see if they had one and test drive it   just to see what it was like.  The had gotten in a 2005 Prius the day   before, we drove it and bought it.  I am really excited as he commutes 80   miles (round trip) a day into Atlanta.
So you have two victories – A hybrid cynic is   now a hybrid owner and even I can teach electric theory.
Have a great day