At AG Autogas we had built up the largest automotive propane conversion business in Australia and also the first in the world to gain an ISO9002 accreditation. The propane conversion industry had run its course as ICE technology had advanced to the point where adding propane as a fuel had become too difficult to still integrate with the original systems. We saw hybrid vehicle technology as the next step into the future for automotive workshops and a market where there was apprehension over new technology and so an opportunity to lead the way.

On doing the research to find where and with whom we should start our training we came across ACDC and Craig. We ended up sending our managing director (myself John Vander Reyden) and our training officer Ian Dubbeld to attend the Up Your Voltage Course in April of 2015.

Of the attendees 2 were from Australia (ourselves), 3 from Switzerland, 2 from the Netherlands and one from the Cayman islands.

I think that those statistics speak for themselves and now 2 years later I am recommending ACDC, craig and the courses and seminars he conducts.

The time we spent was possibly the most mentally intense week I have spent for a long time and having arrived jetlagged after nearly 40 hours of travel it amazed me that at 61 years of age I was able to comprehend, absorb and retain the course content.

That is a huge credit to Craig especially as I am not hands on and havent been for more than 20 years.

We are now the go to source and experts on hybrids, especially Toyota, for a lot of workshops on the eastern side of Australia.

Much of the confidence with which we started on hybrid vehicles is thanks to Craig and the team and the course we attended.

I can recommend ACDC and Craig to anyone contemplating the training they offer.

Thanking you, John Vander Reyden