I was lucky enough to spent time and have a number of discussions between myself and Mr. Craig Van Batenburg. He recounted “That repairing electric vehicles is nothing that should be of concern, as long as you know what you need to know”. Technology in electric vehicles are changing rapidly, so it’s important for technicians to be up-to-date with this new technology. It would be dangerous to assume that, working on one type of hybrid vehicle, that you can use the same procedure for all types of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are diverse, there are pure electric, extended range electric, petrol, diesel and LPG /electric hybrid. Repair procedures will vary from type and model. Craig has stated that knowledge is the most important factor in becoming comfortable with repairing HEVs. He asserts that fear of the unknown completely goes away once people acquire the proper training. Training isn’t just for technicians, estimators and first responders. All types of repairers need to know where items are located in these vehicles such as the inverter, the high-voltage battery, the service-disconnect system, the electric air conditioning system, and locations of all the main HV cables.

I would like to highly recommend and thank Mr. Craig Van Batenburg CEO Automotive Career Development Centre (ACDC) and his partner Deb for their ongoing assistance and professionalism. Craig has become my mentor and taught me considerably about the hybrid industry. Craig knowledge and ‘hands on approach’ has made him and his Company ACDC a leader in training on Hybrid/Electric vehicles worldwide.

Kind Regards

Ron Locandro