Hi Craig, just a note to ask for the business forms that you mentioned during our class last weekend. Class was great and I got to say hi to your son and he seems to be a very fine young man. Thanks for taking the time to present the topics and giving us more   ideas and reinforcing what we already know to be the way to conduct business. I learned a lot about Ego and how it can be a problem. Would have liked some role playing on phone technique with phone price shoppers but you did help me realize   that it takes practice with the customers to get it right. Some of my problem is not knowing the technical questions to ask when they keep demanding a price. I have now have the “Free Time” technique to try and hope that that will help.   Barry one of our owners thinks is a good thing to try.  We area small shop but we still have our employee meeting over lunch and I will be giving a synopsis of why I though it was well worth the time to attend you class.
Thanks again