I was in your class because of what I knew I didn’t know.  Boy you hit home with many of the things you covered on price   shoppers and first time customers.  On the drive home to Michigan Sunday, I began to make changes in my business. I now have an answering machine on both lines & am committed to changing messages twice daily.  My phone skills really needed work!  I’d forgotten the correct way to answer a phone.  Monday morning I turned my first “how much” into an appointment, using what you taught.  My second customer “a regular” handed me the keys said “Fix it, I need it by Saturday”.  I  replied as always,  “As soon as I get it checked out I’ll call you with an estimate.”  And his reply was and is always the same, “You don’t need to call, just do whatever it needs.”
Today, Tuesday I had my first price shopper that had their car in   another shop.  It felt good to be in charge of the conversation and   refer them right back to where they were at.  And away from the   dealer who had lowballed the estimate.  I’m looking forward to   calling that shop in the morning ( they were already closed tonight).  You had mentioned that you could send some copies of form that we could adapt for my shop, would you send those.  I have been unable to locate Nwzworks or George Zebrecki, can you give me a phone number or email address?
Thanks again for the GREAT class!
Mr. No Employees,
David Taylor   Taylor Automotive