Class was “Electrical analysis.. a new model”  

I attended one of your classes held in Indianapolis I was with Brown’s  Autotech my name is Michael C. Dyer.  I enjoyed your class very much, and it was right on time. Me and my boss were  arguing about voltage drop testing, the newer Fords are horrible for corrosion in the positive cable causing eminent “starter death” I new this and new why and how to check for it and my boss( who thinks he is God The Super Tech ) just   couldn’t accept the fact this particular Ford truck needed a battery, cable and   starter. Hey, I like being right just as much as the next guy. I have an associates degree in automotive technology from Ivy Tech and although they did teach electricity using water flow they also very thoroughly covered the ground side and voltage drop testing. It is a great school and a great bunch of teachers at least in Indy for anyone interested.
    Ed Note: I hope his boss doesn’t see this!