Printed in “Import Car”

“Recently our entire service department office staff (made up of four employees) attended two   Automotive Management Institute (AMI) seminars presented by  Craig Van Batenburg at Rocket Training Center here in   Toledo. The seminars were titled “How to Sell Diagnostic Labor and Get Paid for   It” and “How to Work with Telephone Price Shoppers and First-Time Customers.”  One of Craig’s theories includes people who ask “how much” because they don’t understand our industry.   He suggests for the first visit you conduct an interview so you can qualify the customer and they can understand the terms of your relationship. Craig goes so far as to put his expectations in writing.
I encourage you to visit his website where all his forms are presented ( If you have the opportunity to host any AMI classes in your area I recommend Craig.”
Owners:   Dan & Kathy Reichow     Location: Toledo, OH     Years in Operation: 18     Number of Bays: 8     Number of Technicians: 5     Repair Specialty: “Complete” Auto Repair, Used Car and Auto Rental